During level 4 lock down we can still ship anywhere in the country. Our Willowbridge retail side will however be closed.


Is your product “actually” made in SA?

We get this question all the time, and the answer is yes.

We have a team based in Cape Town who design, manufacture and distribute the Livy Loves merchandise.


How do we know what size to buy?

We do have a size guide on the site under.

Our sizing is very generous and is based on the retail standard.

Lindy has designed girl’s swimwear for many brands over the years, so practice makes perfect.

I did leave a little trick for moms on the go to measure their little princesses.

Take a piece of string and measure your daughter’s chest.

Then take that string and measure it across a ruler.

If your chest is a 60cm, then order your suit based on 60cm.

Remember the lycra has stretch so you will still get another size up out of the suit if you order based on their chest measurement.

Our Swimwear has 20% Spandex in the fabric, which gives a generous stretch.


Can your suits only be used for swimming?

Yes, they most definitely can.

Many of our customers use our suits for swimming, dancing, ballet and dressing up.

We however do strongly recommend that you try and keep the suits away from exposure to high chlorine and high salt content pools.

If your suit does end up in this environment, please be sure to rinse it in cold water after use and let it dry in the shade if possible.

The best would be to hang it in the shade to dry on your bespoke Livy Loves hanger,


Does your glitter fabrics last?

As anything in life, if you treat something well, you will get the same in return.

We strive to use the highest quality lycra, but as time goes on, you will find a slight degeneration in the shine of your lycra.

This is only once your suit has seen some serious wear and tear. (Olivia calls this playing!) Try and avoid rubbing the glitter where possible. Wash your suit in gold water with a very mild detergent.


Are there other stockists that currently stock the Livy Loves range?

The easiest place to purchase is right here on our site, www.livyloves.com.

We do not have a retail store on the ground.

We are very excited that Zando has taken us on board, and you could also purchase the product on their site under, www.zando.co.za/livy-loves.