During level 4 lock down we can still ship anywhere in the country. Our Willowbridge retail side will however be closed.

About us

Livy Loves was inspired and created to meet every little girl’s need to have more sparkle and shine in their lives.

The brand was established in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa.


The brand has a team that carries a vast amount of experience.

Our design and manufacturing team have almost 16 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing hub in and around South Africa.


It also helps that this business is based on 3 generations of women who all love sparkly and shiny things.

Olivia is our stunning muse and can be seem in a large variety of our images.

She was the main reason for us starting this business.

She loves wearing her suits and caps to the beach, pool, shopping centre or pushing a trolley in Pick n Pay in summer.

She loves to dance and laugh from the bottom of her tummy.


So, I have decided to celebrate the sparkle that Livy(our nickname for Olivia) brings to my life, through this brand.

I am so excited for the future of this brand, and for all the girls who will get to experience the Livy Loves products.

We are constantly looking at developing new products, so that we can always make sure we keep up with what Livy Loves…



The Livy Loves Team